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From: Terry M. Gray <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 13:26:52 EDT

Just a little two cents worth on the image of God discussion.

Herman Dooyweerd's philosophy has the idea of anticipatory aspects
(or something like that). I'm no expert in Dooyeweerd and actually
may have this all wrong, but I think the idea can be useful in
discussing image of God sorts of things. Animals may display image of
God like behaviors which are anticipatory of the full image bearing.
Think of the various "image of God" attributes that have been cast
into doubt because we find them in animals--tool use and tool making,
reasoning, language, etc. I think that one of the answers to Glenn's
claims about Neanderthals is along these lines: art, music, burial of
the dead, etc. are anticipatory of the full blown image of God. Thus,
while these creatures may have aspects of the image of God they are
not full image-bearers.

This leads to the point that I think David is making, that it's the
full suite that required before we say image of God.


On Mar 19, 2007, at 9:37 AM, Bill Hamilton wrote:

> Glenn wrote
> Bill, aren't you the one who agreed that if the IOG does nothing,
> it isn't
> worth much? The word translated Image, means literally image, or
> likeness
> or resemblance. OK, we know God has reason. Isaiah 1:18, Come let
> us reason
> together. So, if we are like God and God can reason, then reason
> is part of
> the image/resemblance/likeness.
> Yes, but that's not the issue. It may have done nothing
> _detectible_ in the archaeological record.
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