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From: Charles Carrigan <>
Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 12:55:36 EDT

I drove through Sudbury last fall. It is still a pretty desolate place, but I can't really compare it to your experience in 1979. My students commented about how depressed the town feels. I wasn't really looking much at the landscape though - I was there for the shattercones, sulfide igneous rocks, and the glacial striations.
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"To a naturalist nothing is indifferent;
the humble moss that creeps upon the stone
is equally interesting as the lofty pine which so beautifully adorns the valley or the mountain:
but to a naturalist who is reading in the face of the rocks the annals of a former world,
the mossy covering which obstructs his view,
and renders indistinguishable the different species of stone,
is no less than a serious subject of regret."
          - James Hutton

>>> gordon brown <gbrown@Colorado.EDU> 3/18/2007 7:39 PM >>>

On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, PvM wrote:

> Yes, Inco did a lot of probably
> irreparable damage to the area around Sudbury, Ontario over the many
> decades, and I will not defend them. The 1,247 foot tall Inco superstack
> definitely spread acid rain far and wide over eastern Canada for nearly two
> decades. However a major pollution control program was put in place in the
> late 1980s and since 1994, the stack has emitted almost nothing but water
> vapor. Most of the Ontario lakes that were damaged by acid rain in the 1970s
> and 1980s have since recovered and are now doing well. </quote>

Can anyone tell me what the vegetation in the vicinity of Sudbury looks
like now? I drove through that area in 1979, and I felt as if I had
suddently been transferred to another planet.

Gordon Brown
Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado
Boulder, CO 80309-0395

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