Re: [asa] Does ASA believe in Adam and Eve?

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Date: Mon Mar 19 2007 - 07:27:27 EDT

Poor Jack Haas, I have not even seen a comment by him in
these threads, yet my statments keep getting attributed to

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  Gregory Arago <> wrote:
> It is well known that ASA once issued an unambiguous
>statement: ‘We believe in creation!’ Would ASA be willing
>to follow that important, courageous clarification up
>with a further statement: ‘We believe in Adam and Eve!’?
>This is one of my main questions for all theistic
>evolutionists (TE's).
> G. Arago
> Here are some quotations by ASA list voices on the
>thread 'question to all the TE's' raised by G.Morton:
> “IOG must do something useful other than be a name. And
>while I agree, that no one can PROVE what it is, one can
>offer interesting possibilities…” – Glenn M.
> “I don't claim to know who THE Adam & Eve were, except
>that the Bible says there were such people…I don't think
>Adam has to be neolithic; and indeed, I think the
>principle of accommodation can help explain the
>anachronisms in where the Bible seems to locate Adam in
>time.” – David O.
> “There are of course different views on this, but I
>think the most consistent ‘accommodation’ view, gets rid
>of a historical Adam altogether.” – Jack H.
> “If we discount the Genesis narrative as to place and
>time, (Mesopotamia, 7,000 years ago) why attach any
>credibility to the man named - Adam? Let's just say we
>don't believe any of it and that 'Adam' didn't exist at
>all.” - Dick F. (tongue in cheek!)
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