[asa] The empirical basis of knowledge

From: Glenn Morton <glennmorton@entouch.net>
Date: Sun Mar 18 2007 - 23:26:09 EDT

George tells me that I am single minded, focussing on observable
verification. Others think that I am hopelessly concordistic. I answer
that the above charges are hopelessly unphilosophical. Since I am leaving
this list Tuesday morning (wish it were tomorrow), I will challenge people
over the next 24 hours to name one thing which they KNOW to be true which
does not have an empirical basis. Example.

Person A loves person B. You can't see the 'love'.

Answer, Not so, I only know it is true by seeing the things that A DOES for
B. A cooks the dinner, cleans up the dishes, and cleans the house for B.
If A said, "B, I love you" but did nothing, B would not feel, much less know
of the love. It is like a person who says Go, be filled be warmed, but does
not give the person food and clothing. I know of their care because I SEE
them giving food and clothing.

So, floor is open to challenges of this kind. I claimed that empirical data
is all we have upon which to know things. Now is your chance to disprove
that statement. And if you cant, then this will demonstrate the need for
Biblical empirical verification.

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