Re: [asa] Question for all the theistic evolutionists

From: Gregory Arago <>
Date: Sun Mar 18 2007 - 20:15:23 EDT

Linguistic correction:
  "Who asked the question about how far accomodation-ism is willing to go?"
  It seems to be the ideology of accomodationism and not just the accomodating itself that Jack is questioning here and that Glenn is taunting.

Jack <> wrote:
            Why does an ahistoric passage have to be verifiable for it to be meaningful?
  But all of the scriptures point to truth of the risen Christ. That is what you have to hang your hat on. If that is proven incorrect, then everything else is meaningless.
    Who asked the question about how far accomodation is willing to go? Was that on this list or somewhere else? I am honestly interested in that answer.

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