Re: [asa] Question for all the theistic evolutionists

From: David Opderbeck <>
Date: Fri Mar 16 2007 - 21:55:49 EDT

Burgy, the argument about the aborignes is facile. The aborignes of
Australia, being as fully human as your are I, are perfectly capable of
building cathedrals and such. The fact that they haven't done so is a
historical happenstance. Plunk a Neanderthal in New York City, however, and
no matter how nicely you dress him up, he won't be able to trade stocks,
much less build a Cathedral.

I should also say that the limited capacity of some individuals within the
human population due to illness or whatever also doesn't falsify my
argument. This is near and dear to my heart, as my youngest son has a
serious neurological disorder. The fact that he can't speak because of that
disorder doesn't diminish his humanity one bit. The point is that human
beings *in general *have a range of capacities that far, far, far, far
exceeds anything the historical record suggests of neanderthals,
australopithecines, or any other early hominid. Again, show me a city built
by bipedal monkeys, read to me from their literature, explain to me their
way of handling the problem of evil or the triune nature of God, and then
you might be making a claim. As it is, it seems to me that you have nothing
but negative arguments against other people's positions.

On 3/16/07, John Burgeson (Burgy) <> wrote:
> >>No, the support is that none of these activities, in themselves,
> are sufficient to consitute the IOG.
> Are the Neanderthals capable of building cathedrals? Writing
> something like Dante's Inferno? Assembling choirs and orchestras
> that could perform Handel's Messiah?
> It is not merely some limited capability to relate, speak, sing, or
> worship that constitutes the IOG. It is a concatenation of these and
> other capabilities producing a synergistic something else that, as
> far as we can tell from the paleontological and archeological record,
> all the other hominds lacked.
> >>
> Good try. Insufficient.
> You claim is the the Ns are incapable of X, where X is some
> particular achievement. By ths criteria, the Aussie aborigines do not
> have the IOG.
> If you claim the Ns don't have it and the aborigines do, why?
> jb

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