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From: Glenn Morton <>
Date: Fri Mar 16 2007 - 18:08:28 EDT

Debbie, the reality is that this mutational increase at the change of the
magnetic field is way overblown. First, speciation is not correlated with
magnetic switches. All sorts of animals survive and thrive across magnetic
reversals. This is probably a reason not to get your science off of TV.

One thing about reversals. They don't actually have to mean that the
magnetic field drops to zero. In the 1800s the magnetic north pole was on

Since those days the Magnetic Pole has continued to wander until
now, 70 years later, the mean position of the pole is situated
500 km farther to the northwest, beyond the very coastline of
Antarctica (Fig. 27). This has been a directionally definitive
shift of the Magnetic Pole during the lifetime of persons no
"Of course, if an investigator had set up an observatory
during the past 70 years at some point between the 1909 and 1975
positions of the pole he could have found that in addition to the
diurnal peripatetics of the pole he had experienced a complete
reversal of polarity as the pole (magnetic) changed position from
south to north (geographically) of his observatory. In the
meantime the position of the geographical pole of rotation would
not have changed, nor would the position of the Antarctic
continent, nor its rock formations." Lester C. King, Wandering
Continents and Spreading Sea Floors on an Expanding Earth, (New
York: John Wiley and Sons, 1983), p. 101

"The North Magnetic Pole has also traveled (almost due north) through the
Canadian Arctic from latitude 70o N to latitude 76o N, a distance of about
576 km during the time interval 1831-1975 (Fig. 28)." Lester C. King,
Wandering Continents and Spreading Sea Floors on an Expanding Earth, (New
York: John Wiley and Sons, 1983), p. 101

And it has moved even further now. In between its 1831 position and the
present day position, they have experienced a magnetic reversal but not
experienced a zero magnetic field.

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> But if humanity is 5.5 million years old, then that means
> that humanity precedes the last pole swap. During the
> switching of the north and south pole, the magnetic field
> drops to nothing for a while. With no magnetic field, UV rays
> skyrocket. If UV rays skyrocket, then genetic mutations
> should increase. If genetic mutations increase - then man
> would no longer be 5.5 million years old.

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