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Date: Fri Mar 16 2007 - 12:25:40 EDT

And what a job he has to do...

Ninety-two percent of Australians favoured measures to combat global
warming, making it the country with the largest majority of its population
believing immediate action should be taken to reverse climate change.

Surprisingly, China, whose environmental policies are often criticised, and
Israel were the next most inclined to favour such measures, with 83% of
their populations in favour of immediate actions to reverse trends in global

The lowest level of support for taking steps to address global warming was
found in India, with 49% of the population supporting immediate action while
24% were opposed.


In a separate question, asked in 10 countries, strong majorities in all of
the countries said climate change is an important threat, with small
minorities calling it unimportant.

The highest percentage of climate-change sceptics were in Armenia (16%) and
Israel (15%).

Majorities called climate change a "critical" issue in Mexico (70%),
Australia (69%), South Korea (67%), Iran (61%), Israel (52%) and India

Larger numbers agreed climate change is "critical" in Armenia (47%), China
(47%) and the United States (46%), while Ukraine was the only country split
about whether the problem is "critical" (33%) or "important but not
critical" (33%).

It seems that after the scientific foundations for global warming and the
human component have been solidly laid, the public is not far behind in
their concerns.

Even in the US support is growing strongly

<quote>An additional poll released on Thursday by the Yale University School
of Forestry and Environmental Studies reinforces the Chicago Council on
Global Affairs poll, finding that 83% of US citizens now say global warming
is a "serious" problem, up from 70% in 2004.</quote>

In the mean time, many conservative sites are still plugging the Channel 4
show which has been clearly debunked by many. Will such snow jobs be able to
undo the scientific hard work by thousands of dedicated scientists?
Scientifically speaking no and at the public policy level it also seems
clear that the public is not buying it.

Thank God.

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> Michael Crichton Debates Global Warming Wednesday 03/14/2007
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