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Glenn wrote: "We do all sorts of ad hoc squirming to avoid the
conclusions we don't like. That is why I think ID and TE's who
believe that humanity is only 100 kyr old are making us look

It has always (to me) been the ad hoc explanations that are
bothersome. Ad hoc is OK if one qualifies the conclusion, of course,
but this is so seldom done.

Based on Glenn's carefully collected data points, it is very very
clear that SOMETHING like a human being did exist far back in time
before 100KY. Also based on Glenn's data, it is clear that these
entities had SOME characteristics which today we associate only with
human beings and not with other life forms.

Is that anyone who would dispute either of the above claims?

If not, then the conclusion that humanity in God's image existing
much further back than 100 KY is a logical possibility; it is no a
foregone conclusion, but those arguing otherwise are hardly entitled
to ignore that possibility.


God can work outside of time. This is one story about that.

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