Re: [asa] YECism and implications for herpetology

From: Freeman, Louise Margaret <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 13:14:24 EDT

I wasn't suggesting that this model was possible... I was thinking more of
the knee-jerk reaction some have when they hear about the mitochondrial
Eve.... "see, the more scientists learn, the more they'll show the Bible is
correct!" I think the assumption is that science will eventually see its
error and place Eve in the Biblical timescale and on the right continent.

I guess I'm looking for the answer a good YEC would give to the questions 1)
where did modern snakes come from? 2) why don't they have legs? and 3) what
did the original Serpent look like?
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Except that it is not possible that modern snakes are all
descended from a critter that lost its legs 6 to 10 k
years ago, just like it is not possible that all humans
are descended from a neolithic Adam.

I think the "transitional species" are to be found 150
million years ago.

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