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Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 11:42:57 EDT

Glenn writes: "If coalescence times are 5.5 million years, that
means we can't have had a genetic/populational bottleneck, as the
Bible requires for the past 5 million years. If one believes that
humanity came from a very small population of people, either 2 or 5,
then current ID and TE views which hold that humanity arose in the
last 200 kyr are as laughably wrong as the YEC views of a 6000 year
old earth. And it means that the ID's and TE's are doing exactly what
the YECs are doing--ignoring data on the age of something! They deny
the age of the earth, ID's and TE's deny the age of human genes. So,
I would conclude that I see ID and most TE views doing the same thing
as YEC--making us look silly, stupid, and in denial of the data."

Glenn's argument above, and his vast amount of data on evidences of
human-like activity stretching back 2MY and more, is -- to my mind --
impressive evidence for his position. The 350KY evidences of grave
goods (see his site) is just one such piece of data. There are lots
more. I have never seen any rebuttal to his data. For purposes of
teaching a SS class, I tried to develop rebuttals to some of the
data. For instance, the presence of humanity in cold climates at a
very long ago date argues for the use of clothing, a human
characteristic. A rebuttal to this -- perhaps early hominids had
thick body hair. Or maybe the climate then was mild. Or maybe they
migrated there only in the summer.

I developed other such rebuttals. They all seemed very ad hoc, and
were not at all persuasive that Glenn's data was misleading. The book
WHEN ELEPHANTS WEEP (see review below) suggested that some "human"
attributes might be shared by lower life forms. But even that book
did little to challenge Glenn's thesis.

My 3rd post today -- so it is time to be quiet.


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