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Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 11:26:42 EDT

Glenn wrote: >>I would also note, that if these TE's don't even
believe that God created the world, then they then fall into denying
even the minimalist belief in the 'historical essence' of Genesis.
It becomes, at that point utterly ludicrous to believe anything in
Genesis. Like saying, "Genesis is inspired by God to teach us that He
created the world, (except he didn't), to teach us that he made man
(except that he didn't do that evolution did), to teach us that he is
not like the polytheistic gods of neighboring tribes (which He
accomplishes by not actually doing any of the things they are claimed
to have done, like creating the world, the animals, and man!). What
a theology!>>

Well -- I have to agree with all the above -- EXCEPT the label "TEs."
I think a different label is more appropriate -- "persons" perhaps? I
know of no TEs who come close to fitting the description above,
although there may be some.

Sometimes I wish I had more sympathy for the TE position. It is both
intellectually respectable and "explains" a lot. But I remain a
skeptic and a "Progressive Creationist" (whatever that might mean) of
sorts. I see a God who has a sense of humor -- which means also a
sense of playfulness, a God who experiments with His creation from
time to time to watch how things turn out. Note that I write here
both religiously and philosophically, not in any scientific sense.

One thing that flows from this view -- it seems likely to me that God
does NOT know the future -- at least not in detail -- we humans can,
and do, surprise Him from time to time. Maybe He COULD know it and
choose not to look ahead. Like a baseball game. How much fun would it
be to go to a game having read the account of the game in the
newspaper last night? It is the unplanned plays that make it

Of course, maybe God misses all the exciting plays. After all,
Genesis says that in the big inning He was out creating ... .


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