RE: [asa] Question for all the theistic evolutionists

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 09:03:43 EDT

Glenn Morton wrote, in response to my comments:

Ted Davis wrote;

>What scientist wants to be thought of as a "creationist" by their
scientific colleagues, if it is not an accurate label to apply
>in their case?

For petes sake. I am in the geological sciences and I tell my colleagues
that I am a creationist and then explain that I believe God created life
then it evolved. I get very little flack for that. I also say I believe
was miraculously involved in the creation of man. Likewise, I get no flack
for that. If we don't stand for something, then we stand for NOTHING! If
we don't take risks, we can't garner the reward.

I would also note, that if these TE's don't even believe that God created
the world, then they then fall into denying even the minimalist belief in
the 'historical essence' of Genesis. It becomes, at that point utterly
ludicrous to believe anything in Genesis. Like saying, "Genesis is
by God to teach us that He created the world, (except he didn't), to teach
us that he made man (except that he didn't do that evolution did), to
us that he is not like the polytheistic gods of neighboring tribes (which
accomplishes by not actually doing any of the things they are claimed to
have done, like creating the world, the animals, and man!). What a


Ted replies:
Glenn, you've misread me. Take another look, please, at my original post.

You used to be a "creationist" in the sense I am talking about. You are
using the term more broadly, in the sense that includes me as a creationist.
 If you are a Christian scientist, and you aren't a YEC, it's likely that
you don't want your colleagues thinking of you as a YEC--you don't believe
all that bad science, you don't hold those attitudes about evolution as the
root of all evil, etc. In my experience, Christian scientists are more than
willing to be known for their faith in Christ as the Word made flesh, but
are less than willing to be tarred with the wrong brush. Who can blame
them? I'm not about to defend beliefs I don't hold, and I doubt you are

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