Re: [asa] Question for all the theistic evolutionists

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Date: Tue Mar 13 2007 - 06:50:12 EDT

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George M. wrote:

>Fear of negative reaction is 1 side of the story. The other is that many
>Clergy don't think that the issue is all that important & so not worth the
>risk. How does it hurt if people think the earth is 6000 years old or that

>Adam was literally made from dust & Eve from his rib?

Well, lets see, they can go have a crisis of faith and turn out exactly like
me and become another irritant under your skin. Or, worse, they could leave
the faith altogether as so many of my atheist friends have done.

I hope it was clear that I was expressing the views of the clergy I referred
to, not my own. Of course I agree with your objections to those views - &
would add the fact that by allowing YEC views they contribute to making
Christians seem stupid.


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