RE: [asa] Archaic inbreeding

From: Debbie Mann <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 2007 - 22:49:50 EDT

Was the information about an original Adam throught he singal Y chromosome,
and previously about the original Eve discreditied? I assume some of you are
aware of it, since it was in Reader's Digest and other general populace

Debbie Mann
AKA Joan Saunders, author of 'Doors of the Megdalines'

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The current issue of Newsweek that hit the newsstands has a cover article on
"The Evolution Revolution." The feature article, available online at , talks about DNA
tracking of human origins. The message of the article seems to be that all
the hominids discovered outside of Africa are actually dead-end evolution
paths. They cite work indicating an originating population of modern humans
as being 2,000 males (and presumably a comparable number of females) around
89,000 years ago in Africa. All others died out.

Glenn, you've often cited hominid like evidence from millions of years ago
around the world. That seems pretty clear. Isn't it possible though that all
these lines died out? I'm not sure I understand all the evidences you cite
but couldn't the genetic data you cited be a result of a common ancestor and
not necessarily of interbreeding?


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