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>I think that fear of criticism or negative reaction is no more prominent
>among TE scientists than it is among Christians in general, from their
>professional and social peers.
> But one thing I fear is way too prominent is TE pastors who swallow their
> TE convictions for fear of negative reaction from their congregation. And
> this is a very legitimate fear; it would be carreer suicide for some TE
> pastors to publicly support evolution, and I don't envy their position.
> But I also think that pastors have a *far* greater influence on the
> opinions of their congregation than any number of scientific
> professionals, within or outside the church. We can preach TE till we're
> blue in the face but if a trusted pastor says not to buy it, they won't.
> If all TE pastors went public with their convictions there would be a lot
> of pastors out of work, but there would also be some congregations with
> their eyes opened. It may be that some pastors avoid the subject for the
> sake of Pauline unity. But I don't think Paul was one to tolerate bad
> teaching for the sake of unity.

Fear of negative reaction is 1 side of the story. The other is that many
clergy don't think that the issue is all that important & so not worth the
risk. How does it hurt if people think the earth is 6000 years old or that
Adam was literally made from dust & Eve from his rib?


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