Re: [asa] Wesley, Primitive Physic

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Mon Mar 12 2007 - 17:38:24 EDT

At 12:32 PM 3/12/2007, Iain Strachan wrote:

>One surmises, perhaps that W. thought human milk was beneficial for
>consumption? ( "suck" = "suckle"). Maybe they didn't have hang-ups
>about that kind of thing in those days? ~ Iain

@ He may have had no choice since I don't think "the pump" had been
invented yet:

Edward Lasker December 3, 1885
Science career: Lasker earned a doctoral degree at the University of
Berlin in mechanical and electrical engineering. He also invented the
breast pump, which saved many premature infants' lives and made
Lasker a lot of money, although it caused his friends to refer to him
facetiously as "the chest player."

It's analogous to a milking
machine which is
used to extract milk from cows when the herd is larger than about 4 cows.

Ironically, one of the diseases associated with the dairy industry is
Tuberculosis (TB/Comsumption) which is able to be transmitted from
cattle, mainly via milk products that are unpasteurised.."

"Upon further examination and comparison, I would now say with
confidence that Wesley said "suck". .." ~ Ted Davis Mon, 12 Mar 2007 09:14:06

"I'm so relieved!" ~ Dick Fischer Mon, 12 Mar 2007 10:33:34

"Interesting .... but, um, does this really make things much better,
or just a little more bizarre?" ~ David Opderbeck Mon, 12 Mar 2007 12:19:21

@ It does make one wonder what females, unmarried males, and men who
were married to unhealthy or non-lactating women were being advised
to do if they were suffering in the last stages of consumption.

~ Janice .... hummmm.. maybe I could do some more research. :)

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