Re: [asa] Scientists receive death threats

From: PvM <>
Date: Sun Mar 11 2007 - 19:34:10 EDT

So should I spend time educating people about the real scientific story
behind global warming or is it lost on the readers of this group?
Some people could benefit imho from a more basic introduction to the science
behind global warming which has established, beyond much doubt, that there
is a significant human component to global warming.

How will Christians look when they ignore the facts? Augustine may tell us.

On 3/11/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> Three item of interest to some, I'm sure:
> *[1]* *QUOTE:* "Scientists who buy unhesitatingly into climate models are
> playing a high-risk game. They could lose big. How will Christians look if
> they eagerly buy in and then the climate models prove to be wrong for
> whatever reason? The wiser course is to hedge bets. *~ Don Winterstein*- Tue, 6 Feb 2007 - 6:58 PM Re: [asa] Level of certainty in science
> Forget "going to look" - this is how bad they ALREADY look, at it's only
> the beginning: Don't click the video link
> until you have an uninterrupted hour and 15 minutes to spare.
> *[2] Scientists Receive Death Threats For Questioning Man's Role in
> Global Warming
> *Posted on 03/11/2007 5:05:26 PM
> [refresh browser]
> *[3] Is AlGore's Inconvenient Fiction a $250 Billion Scam?
> *Posted on 03/11/2007 11:08:18 AM
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> browser]
> *~ Janice * ... "Unless we announce disasters no one will listen" *~ Sir
> John Houghton,* first chairman of IPCC

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