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> Michael Roberts wrote:
>> If you want
>> Primitive Physic by John Wesley M.a.
>> 14 th edition 1770 Bristol
>> To cure "a consumption" p44ff
>> p45
>> 191 In the last stage, /**** a healthy woman/ daily. This cured my
>> father.
>> Sent to me by a good methodist who is an FRS.
>> Will everyone turn Calvinist now!!!!
>> Michael
> I doubt we reformed are any better no matter which of the two Johns we
> look to, John Calvin or John Knox.
> <quote>
> Zwingli's Zurich mercilessly persecuted the Anabaptists:
> The persecution of the Anabaptists began in Zurich . . . The
> penalties enjoined by the Town Council of Zurich were 'drowning, burning,
> or beheading,' according as it seemed advisable . . . 'It is our will,'
> the Council proclaimed, 'that wherever they be found, whether singly or in
> companies, they shall be drowned to death, and that none of them shall be
> spared.'
> (Janssen, V, 153-157)
> </quote>
> <quote>
> For that reason we detest the error of the Anabaptists
> who are not content with a single baptism
> once received
> and also condemn the baptism
> of the children of believers.
> CRC The Belgic Confession, Article 34
> The Sacrament of Baptism
> </quote>
> The above is one of the reasons (probably the main one) I will not sign
> the form of subscription to be an elder or deacon in out church. To
> paraphrase an old saying "Some of my best friends are Anabaptists.". The
> Westminster Confession used to have similar things about the Roman
> Catholics although it seems to have been cleaned up already.
> None of us have clean hands.

The phrase "The above" is ambiguous. I assume that you're referring to the
statement in the Belgic Confession rather than to the drowning of
Anabaptists. If so then I think you're confusing 2 different things. One
can (& I believe should) condemn the Anabaptist rejection of the validity of
infant baptism without holding that should be subject to civil penalties,
including drowning.


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