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Michael Roberts wrote:
> If you want
> Primitive Physic by John Wesley M.a.
> 14 th edition 1770 Bristol
> To cure "a consumption" p44ff
> p45
> 191 In the last stage, /**** a healthy woman/ daily. This cured my father.
> Sent to me by a good methodist who is an FRS.
> Will everyone turn Calvinist now!!!!
> Michael

I doubt we reformed are any better no matter which of the two Johns we
look to, John Calvin or John Knox.

Zwingli's Zurich mercilessly persecuted the Anabaptists:

       The persecution of the Anabaptists began in Zurich . . . The
penalties enjoined by the Town Council of Zurich were 'drowning,
burning, or beheading,' according as it seemed advisable . . . 'It is
our will,' the Council proclaimed, 'that wherever they be found, whether
singly or in companies, they shall be drowned to death, and that none of
them shall be spared.'

       (Janssen, V, 153-157)

For that reason we detest the error of the Anabaptists
       who are not content with a single baptism
            once received
       and also condemn the baptism
            of the children of believers.
CRC The Belgic Confession, Article 34

The Sacrament of Baptism

The above is one of the reasons (probably the main one) I will not sign
the form of subscription to be an elder or deacon in out church. To
paraphrase an old saying "Some of my best friends are Anabaptists.".
The Westminster Confession used to have similar things about the Roman
Catholics although it seems to have been cleaned up already.

None of us have clean hands.

Dave W

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