Re: [asa] More on Collins and TE in Christianity Today

From: Phil Jones <>
Date: Fri Mar 09 2007 - 11:40:18 EST

This is definitely a great opportunity to help bridge the academic gap that keeps TE concepts out of the pulpits and out of the eye of the layperson.

Maybe a joint letter signed by multiple contributors?

---- David Opderbeck <> wrote:
> Stan Guthrie's column in the current Christianity Today (no link available)
> includes a brief discussion of the Tiktaalik find and some brief comments
> from Francis Collins. A quote from Guthrie: *"If evolution, messy and
> circuitous as it appears, is true, then God is more mysterious than I
> imagined -- but no less God."* I just think it remarkable that CT (and its
> sister publication Books & Culture) is opening this door. It will be
> interesting to see the letters to the editor in the next issue. The letters
> in this issue, responding to the January issue's interview with Francis
> Collins, were mostly reactionary. Maybe someone in the ASA leadership
> (Randy? Ted?) should take the opportunity to send in an "offical" note from
> the ASA -- I would suggest not specifically endorsing TE or any other
> position, but just noting that many serious evangelicals involved in the
> sciences agree with Guthrie's inclination that science and faith need not be
> at war.

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