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From: Michael Roberts <>
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 17:24:11 EST

My suspicion is that he is following the classic allegation that fossils are used to show evolution from a circular argument wrt the geological Column. This comes out in Morris and McIntosh among many others and is totally false. However it is used to undermine both palaeontology (mis-spelt by Iain! but not to D Siemens who objects to proper spelling) and the whole basis of historical geology.

Enough at present but if I can look at it I shall make comments as I think it is on the basic principle which is best considered by the historical development of the science. though David Campbell is far better on the subject.

I will say that the whole basis of palaeontology is very sound and based on the historical succession of life forms and much comparative anatomy etc - Cuvier was significant here.

Last autumn I tagged along with the Cambridge geology students course in the Howgills (near the Lake District) and we did a superb section up the Ordovician in a stream bed and saw the developing fossils.


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  Hi, everyone,

  I've been trying to engage in some well-mannered dialogue with some YEC's of my acquaintance. In the last email I received from one of them there was a long diatribe essentially dissing the entire field of paleontology as being the most subjective science around. Though I suspect it's a regurgitation of propaganda he's read on various creationist websites, I'm clearly not qualified to respond, as I know next to nothing about paleontology. Is there anyone on the list who might be willing to take a look at what he's sent me and make some response. I'm unwilling to forward something sent to me privately to a publicly archived list, so if anyone is willing to have a look, I'll send it off-list.

  Thanks in advance,

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