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From: Dave Wallace <wdwllace@sympatico.ca>
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 14:07:06 EST

Since Feb 27th I have been running climate models on one of my machines.
  The machine is
AMD Athalon 64 Dual core 3800+
2GB Memory
System has a compact form factor so that it is easy to transport but
hard to work on the internals, such as when a hard disk went early this
Fan less system except for the cpu fan, plus one fan that sits in an
unused pci slot.

Two models are run, day and night, one on each processor. Both have
clocked up over 200 hours but have another 2100 hours to go before
completion. The system and the climate models take up about 700MB of
memory. Basically I hardly notice that the models are being run as
response time seems just like normal. The Boinc software that controls
the models seems to keep things very well behaved, not like some compute
bound processes which are ill behaved and hog all the cpu time. The
system runs at around 100 watts (excluding the monitor). During the
summer months I plan to cease running the models as electrical power is
at a premium then. The processor runs at about 53C which is a little
warmer than I like, especially given that we keep the house at 19C over
the winter. I plan to add a regular case size fan sitting on top of the
case that will be powered by ac. The visualization software seems to be
broken right now but hopefully they will get it fixed real soon now so
one can see what results are being generated.

I never figured SETI was important enough to spend the power on.

Just fyi to anyone else considering running any of the distributed
science models.

Dave W

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