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>>> "Michael Roberts" <> 03/08/07 12:53 PM

Here's G Habermas (D.D. Emmanuel College, Oxford) on science

Question: I have a great interest in studying Intelligent Design, as well
as apologetics of the creation account in Scripture. I also teach this
subject. Can you recommend some general material I could work through?
Answer: A general study might include:

  a.. Behe, Michael, Darwin's Black Box (Free Press, 1996)
  b.. Dembski, William, Intelligent Design (InterVarsity, 1999)
  c.. Ross, Hugh, The Creator & the Cosmos (NavPress, 1993)
  d.. Sarfati, Jonathan, Refuting Evolution (Master Books, 1999)

Ted comments:
Given that Dr Habermas teaches at Liberty University, I think it can be
safely assumed that he is a YEC when it comes to origins issues. I am not
the least surprised by the list of titles above, except by the presence on
that list of Ross' book which is so explicitly OEC in approach, so strongly
advocating a day age interpretation of scripture. Sarfati's book, which I
also own, has been recommended to me by some YECs as the best current book
from their perspective.

The fact that Dr Habermas is a YEC will of course be relevant to his views
on epistemology and other aspects of the resurrection of Jesus. But I would
be the last person to draw any strongly negative conclusions from this. I
regard his work on the resurrection to be of high quality. I don't put it
in the same box as NT Wright's "the Resurrection of the Son of God," my very
favorite work on this topic, but it's very helpful. IMO, he's a good pick
for the topic and the forum.


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