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From: Janice Matchett <janmatch@earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 11:29:38 EST

In light of the discussion about miracles that
occurs on this list from time to time (see
*example below), I thought some of you might be
interested in this "Converse with Scholars" program tonight.

*Example: "... The last 2000 years of church
history contain hundreds of examples. Cf. "In
Defense of Miracles: A Comprehensive Case for
God's Action in History", R. Douglas Geivett and
Gary R. Habermas, I V Press, 1997, reviewed in
PSCF Vol 50,#2, 1998, page 149
, and "Eternity in Their Hearts", Don Richardson,
Regal Books, 1981. I can remember George Murphy,
on this list, expressing discomfort with
miracles, and in one communication saying that he
could accept the miracle of the ressurection but
not much else." ~ Robert Miller
(rlmiller@garlic.com) Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:23:04
-0700 Subject: Spirit http://www.asa3.org/archive/asa/199906/0161.html

~ Janice

Power up your computers for a special 2-hour
with Scholars program on Thursday, March 8th at 8 PM EST!

Our first hour will feature a special
presentation on the Talpiot tomb by renowned
scholar, author, and speaker Gary R. Habermas.
Don't miss this opportunity to hear today's
leading authority on the resurrection!

A bonus hour will feature three distinguished
panelists--Michael R. Licona, Robert M. Bowman,
Jr., and Daniel B. Wallace--who will respond to
Gary's comments, share their own insights, and
answer your questions about the latest media craze surrounding Jesus!

Parchment & Pen - a Theology Blog
Jesus Tomb on Converse with Scholars: Mike
Licona, Dan Wallace, Robert Bowman and Gary
Habermas (UPDATED!!) ~ C Michael Patton ~

LIVE, ONLINE, the Thursday Evening. Come discuss
the Jesus Tomb with the Scholars…

Considering all of the attention that has been
given to the supposed Jesus Tomb special that was
aired Sunday night, we have decided to devote
this week’s
<http://conversewithscholars.org>Converse with
Scholars to the subject. Thursday night we will
be welcoming
Bowman, and <http://www.garyhabermas.com/>Gary Habermas to discuss this issue.

This will be a two hour special where Habarmas
will give an hour long presentation then we will
have a panel discussion between Dan Wallace, Mike
Licona, and Robert Bowman. I have invited
Copan to join us as well . . . we will see!

If you have yet to attend a Converse with
Scholars, you are really missing out. You
actually get to talk to the scholar live online
from the comfort of your own home. The issues
being discussed are those which every Christian
needs to be aware as these are opportunities for
us to share the most important event in
history–the resurrection of Christ. It will
certianly be a night devoted to resurrection
apologetics. Come learn how to defend Christ’s resurrection.

Invite all your friends and family to this special event.

Find out more
Notice, we will be meeting on Connection Gate, not Paltalk.

C Michael Patton on 06 Mar 2007 |
With Scholars &
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