Re: [asa] on "baconianism" & American evangelicals

From: Ted Davis <>
Date: Thu Mar 08 2007 - 08:03:35 EST

>>> <> 03/07/07 6:08 PM >>>writes:
While I can get as excited as the next guy about waxing philosophical and
teaching historical context and the "big picture" on how scientists think,
populace at large (parents of my students) would be much less excited about

First, the context was the gen ed requirement for science at a liberal arts
college, not a high school.

But IMO high school teachers also need to do this, to some extent. In PA,
teaching some HPS content (presumably at the expense of some "real" science
content, since instructional time is a zero-sum game) is not optional; the
state standards mandate some treatment of HPS.

As for parents, you may be right; but most students in my experience
usually don't get very excited about science courses, and this type of
change is not likely to worsen that!


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