Re: [asa] Books & Culture on Collins; Plantinga on Dawkins; oll on Warfield and Hodge

From: Stephen Matheson <>
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 12:51:27 EST

I don't know anything about the Paulist Press book referenced below, but the
copy I have of Noll's Hodge collection is "What Is Darwinism? And Other
Writings on Science & Religion." It was edited by Noll and David Livingstone,
and published by Baker Books in 1994. It's currently out of print (alas) but
there are used copies available from the usual places.
Here's a link to the site:

Steve Matheson
Calvin College Biology Dept.

>>> "Mountainwoman" <> 3/7/2007 10:44 AM >>>
Re David Opderbeck on March 5:
"Unrelated query: recently I found a book of essays by B.B. Warfield on
scripture and science, edited by Mark Noll *(**)*
I read somewhere that Noll did a similar volume on Charles Hodge, but I
can't find it. Anyone know about the Hodge volume? Thanks. "

The book is "Charles Hodge, A Way of Life." The version edited by Mark Noll
was issued by Paulist Press in 1987. It (as well as the book of essays by B.B.
Warfield) can be found on Amazon and on ABEbooks. Here is the one review of
the Hodge book on Amazon (by Raymond Cannata "Rev. R. Cannata" (New Orleans, LA
United States) :

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