Re: [asa] Theist Evolutionists - Write your own theory and textbooks [Re: Ditch Darwin...]

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 10:45:48 EST

> I was just thinking how far Theist Evolutionists here are prepared to go to
> drop these aspects of Darwinism (the ideology/philosophy) - not Darwin
> himself. This was prompted by the Chronicle's report that "scholars from
> both sides of the Atlantic agreed that scientists should change the way they
> present their views" and "Terms like Darwinism can make evolutionary biology
> seem like an ideology".

The term "Darwinism" is in fact frequently used to try to cast
evolutionary biology as an ideology by those trying to attack
evolution. It rarely shows much correspondance to Darwin's actual

Ken Miller has written some widely-used biology textbooks, though I
don't think he is too strong on theology (he endorsed some mutally
conflicting assertions in his talk here, though he clearly asserted
his acceptance of the authority of Scripture).

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