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Re David Opderbeck on March 5:
"Unrelated query: recently I found a book of essays by B.B. Warfield on
scripture and science, edited by Mark Noll *(**)*
I read somewhere that Noll did a similar volume on Charles Hodge, but I
can't find it. Anyone know about the Hodge volume? Thanks. "

The book is "Charles Hodge, A Way of Life." The version edited by Mark Noll was issued by Paulist Press in 1987. It (as well as the book of essays by B.B. Warfield) can be found on Amazon and on ABEbooks. Here is the one review of the Hodge book on Amazon (by Raymond Cannata "Rev. R. Cannata" (New Orleans, LA United States) :

Charles Hodge, longtime professor at Princeton Theological Seminary and as Yale historian Sydney Ahlstrom called him "the great arbiter of Presbyterian controversies", is best know today for his learned and brilliant but somewhat dry theological texts. But the Way of Life was his greatest work of practical theology for lay people. It was an instant best-seller, being tranbslated into several languages during his lifetime.

The text alone is worth reaidng and owning. But this edition is much, much more. It also includes long excerpts from his commentary on Romans, his Conference Papers, and his Systematic Theology. More than that, Mark Noll (about the best American church historian alive today) writes a long, insightful and brilliant biographical essay and introduction. On top of that, Paulist Press has given it a high quality hardcover binding, with a simple but elegant dustjacket, complete with portrait of Hodge.

This is, in my mind, the best volume in the Sources of American Spirituality series.

And it is priced under $20.

At that price, buy a second copy for your church library.

Paul Bruggink
Clarington, PA

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