[asa] caution urged on "population control"

From: Ted Davis <TDavis@messiah.edu>
Date: Tue Mar 06 2007 - 10:39:29 EST

From looking over the various documents referencing "population control," it
seems to me (at least) that the term itself might very well mean different
things to different people. On the one hand, it is clearly anti-Christian
to claim that humans have no more value than slugs, or that we are some type
of cancer on the surface of the globe, or that abortion is an appropriate
way to limit human population. Those statements, and associations with
organizations that promote that type of thinking, must be clearly disavowed
by Christians who promote stewardship of the creation b/c they are
inherently anti-Christian.

On the other hand, it is IMO responsible Christian speech to call attention
to the fact (as I see it) that we have actually obeyed one of God's
commandments, for once! We have been very fruitful, and have multiplied and
filled the earth. It is not IMO inappropriate to point this out, and to
suggest that Christians ought to be concerned about the sheer number of
people chasing scarce resources--including living space, which does in fact
mean that there is less of it for other creatures that God has also created
and that God also values highly (if not as highly as God values us). I
understand why many Christians worry about using such views as excuses to
promote forced family planning and abortion--given what happened in China,
this is not IMO an empty fear, and I do regard that practice as inherently
immoral and even a kind of mass murder. But to raise the issue itself is
another matter entirely; indeed, IMO, it would be irresponsible not to point
this out. Many Christians (esp traditional Roman Catholics, but also many
others) believe that any form of birth control other than "natural family
planning" is immoral, and I respect that view and those who hold it. But
this is quite different from saying clearly that family size is something to
be considered by Christian married couples, for reasons going well beyond
the family budget.

It's so easy, in conversations like this, for polarization to drive people
to the extremes. As always, when that happens, truth is the loser.


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