Re: [asa] Peak Oil temporarily posponed?

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Mon Mar 05 2007 - 15:54:32 EST

On 3/5/07, Al Koop <> wrote:
> O what a delicious article; it made my month. Here the New York Times
> Business section is caught with its pants down. (Of course, in today's
> culture that may not be all that bad, according to many.)

Try the front page, above the fold, and just to the right of the lead
photograph. It's an interesting exercise in media bias. It seems that the
"agenda" is generating controversy rather than a particular side. The sky is
falling side has similarly made the front page or was the lead in the Sunday
Magazine. This makes accurate science reporting difficult because most of
the time it is well, uh, boring and that doesn't sell newsprint (or Times
Select subscriptions).

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