Re: [asa] Teaching religion in state schools

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Mon Mar 05 2007 - 07:54:11 EST

Travis Marler wrote:
> Randy-
> ...
> I was talking to my sister on the phone a few weeks ago, and she is
> interested in going to church for the first time in quite awhile. While
> on the phone, we got into a discussion about the differences between
> Pentecostal, Evangelical, and mainline Protestant churches. What really
> stuck out in my mind at the time was when she called the different
> denominations, different "religions". I gently corrected her on
> that...because I believe it is an important distinction. That was an
> instance where it really hit home how uneducated people are about even
> their own Christian heritage.

We have treated folks like the Seventh Day Adventists as if they were a
separate religion. IMHO although I do think some of their unique
doctrines are weak heresy, they are still within the Christian stream
and we have done them wrong. However when it comes to some of the
health and wealth gospelers it appears to me that some of them get
dangerously close to strong heresy especially some who hold that all
sickness is the result of sin in the life of the sick person...

Dave W

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