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Date: Sat Mar 03 2007 - 14:56:17 EST

A few others

What puppet had a nose that grew continually and why?

Which people have noses that grow continually and why?

And this;

Weekly News Q: What bird has a beak that grows continually?

      A: Skimmers are birds that live along the coast, and they have a unique way of feeding. These birds fly just above the water with their lower beak skimming the surface. Whenever that beak hits anything in the water, it scoops up its prey.

      Over time, the friction of the water wears against the lower beak, so you would expect the beak to wear away. But the lower beak of the skimmer continually grows at the same rate that it wears! Skimmers that are kept in zoos have to have their lower beaks trimmed on a regular basis or the lower beak will grow out way past the upper beak. The upper beak of the skimmer doesn't continually grow. But it doesn't touch the water and won't wear down.

      So, evolutionists have a real problem trying to explain how the lower beak came to continually grow and the upper beak did not.

      When we look at the skimmer, we see the wonderful purpose and design of our Creator God. It looks like the skimmer is designed to do what it does do, and what it does do it does do well, doesn't it? We think it does!


      For many more examples of the Creator's

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