Re: [asa] Question from Nick Matzke

From: Keith Miller <>
Date: Fri Mar 02 2007 - 15:04:29 EST

> Among the points that Dr. Numbers made in his talk was that, "It is
> unfair to conflate ID and YEC because they don't even like each
> other. Creationists did not want to yield to IDers and IDers did
> not want to be associated with YECers.

A point here that I have made several times before in this list, is
that while ID advocates do not like to be identified with YEC, that
have explicitly sought their support. In fact several prominent ID
advocates including those in the DI are YEC. In practice, many if
not most public supporters are YEC. Here in Kansas, the movement has
been primarily driven by YECs. The switch from explicit YEC
arguments to ID in the school board debates was a switch in language
only. The same individuals are involved.

I would also argue that the mainstays of ID arguments such as
irreducible complexity and Dembski's design filter are just
reformulations of arguments that already were well used by YEC


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