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Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 23:39:49 EST

My metaphor is that YEC has been using ID as a stalking horse for getting into the schools. Or, some ID people may think the YECs have become an albatross around their necks, or have piggy-backed upon them. O, stop, Bob!
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    ID and YEC may be different but there has been a bit of gene splicing going on.

    First we have in Pandas the word creation being replaced by design

    2 The greater working together of ID and YEC since c 2000 and the way YECs try to put forward ID in education eg Kansas, Ohio and Dover and now in Britain with Truth in Science, which is YEC using ID as a Trojan Horse for YEC.

    I may add that until recently I argued that ID and YEC were basically totally different, there is now considerable overlap and I feel YEC is swallowing up ID


  I would use a slightly different biological analogy. YEC is a parasite on the ID host. Now that YEC is sucking the blood out of ID, it appears -- at least from the outside -- that ID is having second thoughts, especially post-Dover.

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