Re: [asa] The tomb of Jesus?

From: Charles Carrigan <>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 23:21:56 EST

Comments below.
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"To a naturalist nothing is indifferent;
the humble moss that creeps upon the stone
is equally interesting as the lofty pine which so beautifully adorns the valley or the mountain:
but to a naturalist who is reading in the face of the rocks the annals of a former world,
the mossy covering which obstructs his view,
and renders indistinguishable the different species of stone,
is no less than a serious subject of regret."
          - James Hutton

>>> "David Opderbeck"> 3/1/2007 8:11 AM >>

This really strikes home to me. It seems that Ehrman and Dever grew up with such a rigid view of scripture, and such a rationalistic view of faith, that they snapped. I'm not offering this so much to challenge any particular view of scripture or faith/epistemology, but just to wonder aloud how we can teach our kids a solid view of scripture without also communicating that our faith sits precariously on the edge of a knife.
Charles responds:
How about taking seriously the view that "scripture is inerrant in all things necessary for salvation" (and by implication, not necessarily everything else)? If you want to know how to go to heaven, read the bible - that is its sole intention. If you want to know about other things, then the Bible may have some good information to assist, or it may not. In my opinion that solves this whole problem. I've never understood the need to view all of scripture as inerrant, whether original texts or otherwise, especially when reading the text itself would argue against this view.

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