Re: [asa] Question from Nick Matzke

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 17:01:54 EST

On 3/1/07, Michael Roberts <> wrote:
> ID and YEC may be different but there has been a bit of gene splicing
> going on.
> First we have in Pandas the word creation being replaced by design
> 2 The greater working together of ID and YEC since c 2000 and the way YECs
> try to put forward ID in education eg Kansas, Ohio and Dover and now in
> Britain with Truth in Science, which is YEC using ID as a Trojan Horse for
> YEC.
> I may add that until recently I argued that ID and YEC were basically
> totally different, there is now considerable overlap and I feel YEC is
> swallowing up ID
> Michael

I would use a slightly different biological analogy. YEC is a parasite on
the ID host. Now that YEC is sucking the blood out of ID, it appears -- at
least from the outside -- that ID is having second thoughts, especially

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