Re: [asa] The tomb of Jesus?

From: George Murphy <>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 09:24:27 EST

I agree with a great deal of what David said but just want to utter a caution about the 1 bit below that I snipped, & especially the "existential" part. There are some similarities between classical gnosticism & existential theology a la Bultmann, especially in the latter's downplaying of the religious significance of the physical world. But let's remember that the key aspect of gnosticism which gives it its name is its emphasis on salvation through gnosis, knowledge. This contrasts strongly with the emphasis on faith as personal commitment in Bultmann.

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  David, I want to ask you about this, because I don't understand how Ehrman can believe this.
  IMHO, gnosticism resonates with a sort of mystical, existential approach to life that comports with a hyper-postmodern outlook.

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