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From: Iain Strachan <igd.strachan@gmail.com>
Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 09:18:39 EST

BTW I meant to mention that I'm not entirely sure that Conservapedia isn't
an elaborate hoax. There have been many spoof wikipedias before.

Also some Christians have a track record for gullibility - a few years back
there was an email going round conservative Christian circles about an
article where J.K. Rowling (of Harry Potter fame) described herself as a
Satanist. No one noticed that it was a spoof article from The Onion

The Kangaroo article might be a spoof (though Woodmorappe's famous statement
about the animals being trained to poop into buckets on Noah's ark wasn't a
spoof. Well, not unless Woodmorappe is a pesky liberal in disguise! ;-)

What do people think? If conservapedia is not a spoof, then it might be
worthwhile trying to establish a presence there (if they re-enable
registration of accounts).


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From: Iain Strachan <igd.strachan@gmail.com>
Date: Mar 1, 2007 1:42 PM
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Much amusement and hilarity at my work was caused today when someone
stumbled upon


which is a Conservative "alternative" to wikipedia, peopled by
fundamentalists, as far as I can see.

The entry on "kangaroo" caused a great deal of amusement. ( "designed by
God for jumping" was especially appreciated!)

Does anyone know about the origin of this site? I noted that there wasn't
any article on Theistic Evolution, but when I tried to create an account in
order to register and write one, but found that new registrations have been

It did at least provide an opportunity to explain to a colleague of mine who
describes himself as an atheist that there were ways you could be a
Christian and still accept evolution, so I suppose I should feel grateful
for the opportunity. But seriously this is turning Christianity into a
laughing stock.

If anyone finds a way of getting a registered account, let me know and we'll
have a go at doing a Theistic Evolution article. Anything that gets hacked
or distorted can be reported via a blog site if necessary.


After the game, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.
- Italian Proverb
After the game, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.
- Italian Proverb
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