Re: [asa] Role of research scientist

From: Randy Isaac <>
Date: Wed Feb 28 2007 - 19:50:42 EST

Rich wrote: "I believe this is too narrow. When debating science it is altogether fair to remain in the rules of science. If we expand the forum to the nexus of faith and science this is too constraining. May I suggest a higher principle? Be rigorously circumscribed by the truth..."

Well said. I didn't state it very clearly but I certainly meant to say that staying in the rules of science was intended for the scientific data only, not the faith side and the integration of science and faith. I was thinking of those who seek to modify the "findings of science" in order to facilitate their proposed integration with faith.

Dave wrote: "But the relationship between scientific institutions and policy-making, particularly in a liberal democracy, is extraordinarily complex -- worthy of the careful study it's given in the STS field, and beyond a simple heuristic of trusting the rules and norms of one community. "

I heartily agree and that's exactly what Mills and Clark dig into. I regretfully could only snip one element of about 20 different guidelines they offer for both researchers and decision-makers to handle the complexity. I'm not able to copy and paste from the document I have (it's scrambled) and I can't find it online. The full article does offer a multi-dimensional approach to address many of those issues.


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