[asa] Theological extrapolations 2b: sex (cont'd)

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   [Continued from Theological extrapolations 2a: sex (cont'd).]
 7. For purposes of sex a mature human person is not necessarily a single human but
        may comprise a group of humans who have taken a common identity.
        a. God's sexual relationships traditionally have been with groups of humans who
            have taken a common identity as, for example, a nation (e.g., Judah) or church
             (e.g., Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed, Pentecostal).
        b. Scriptural support: Hosea 1-2; Jeremiah 2-4; Ezekiel 16, 23; Ephesians 5:22-
            33; 2 Corinthians 11:2; Revelation 19:7-9.
        c. (Scriptures refer to God in a sexual role only with respect to a group, not
             individuals. God's sexual role is not emphasized in Scripture partly because
             scriptures are largely intended for individuals.)
        d. The composite wives' "body parts" that are more eager for sex may
            be individuals whose religious experiences are more intense and less cerebral.
    8. God's temporal goal with his creation is to have sex with its female persons, to
         receive their worship. His children are a consequence. The delay in Christ's return
         is both understandable and expected in light of this goal.
    9. The purpose of sex is to establish deep, binding relationship where none existed.
         A child is evidence of the relationship; a Word is evidence of the relationship.
                                            Females suitable for sex

     A female suitable for sex must come to maturity independently of the male; otherwise
the identities of the two will be too similar at the start (e.g., brother and sister, father and
daughter) for the female to meaningfully redefine herself through sex.
    1. (If God created everything in six days by speaking a word, he would be limited to
         father-child relationships: Humans would attribute their origin directly to him, as
         young-Earth Christians have always done.)
    2. Females who seem to come into existence independently of God (as through
         evolution) can be suitable for sex with him.
    3. (The world in a crucial sense is thus necessarily independent of God. This
        independence leads to what people call "evils." God is off the hook;
        many theodicy issues resolve themselves: The world is to blame, not God.)
[Continued as Theological extrapolations 3: sin and salvation.]

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