[asa] Theological extrapolations 2a: sex (cont'd)

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    [Continued from Theological extrapolations 2: sex.]
6. Pleasure of sex in pure form is proportional to the degree of spiritual intimacy.
        a. The female accepts a word from the male and decides to seek intimacy with him
             by surrendering herself.
        b. Female surrender stimulates the male to seek to enclose her within his identity
             and push for increased intimacy.
        c. The pleasure of intimacy provides positive feedback that drives the couple
             towards culmination of intimacy (orgasm).
            i. In man/woman physical sex, the woman can go through the motions
                perfunctorily and the man--because of the properties of his penis--can
                nevertheless still reach orgasm. This is pseudo-orgasm, because it comes
                through physical stimulation and not culmination of intimacy.
            ii. If in spiritual sex the female does not truly surrender herself, the male gets no
                satisfaction: His pleasure can come only from her pleasure, because there is no
                physical stimulation in spiritual sex, and it takes two to be intimate.
            iii. (In contrast to persons with physical bodies, God has only one "position" for
                 sex. It is domination/submission, where God spiritually dominates and his
                partner spiritually submits herself.)
          iv. The theological term for the act of female surrender to God is worship.
           v. (Note that children do not worship their fathers except possibly in the sense
                of hero worship. In hero worship the worshiper offers up selected aspects of
                the self, while in sex one offers up the whole self.)
           vi. Certain human body parts are more eager for sexual intimacy than others
                and reach higher levels of enjoyment. While God and demons have no body
                parts they have spiritual equivalents.
          vii. The genital region of the single female ordinarily has low status, but because it
                responds to the male's probing more eagerly than all, in sex it acquires
                unaccustomed honor (1 Corinthians 12:22-24).

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