[asa] RE: Question for all the theistic evolutionists

From: Austerberry, Charles <cfauster@creighton.edu>
Date: Wed Feb 28 2007 - 10:13:02 EST

I appreciate Glenn's question, and many of the excellent answers,
including Ted's. Ted asks Glenn what would count as genuine
anti-atheism activity. I think Glenn and many other Christians want
evidence for Christianity that is so unambiguously clear and compelling
that unbelievers must respect our apologetic arguments, however
grudgingly. I sense that Glenn would like the strength of our
apologetics, especially on core issues about which YECs and OECs and TEs
agree, to be as great or greater than the strength of arguments
defending evolution because the latter are so often (mis)used to promote

I think such motivation is largely behind the hope that God chose to
authenticate the Bible by supernaturally revealing scientific and
historical truth to its human authors, and by supernaturally preserving
it from cultural influences that might otherwise introduce scientific or
historical errors.

I think such motivation is largely behind the hope that God chose to
authenticate creation by making at least some parts of it unexplainable
through secondary "natural" causes, and by somehow enabling us to
distinguish between what's currently unexplained and what's forever
unexplainable (through secondary "natural" causes).

Maybe such hopes are well placed, maybe not. My hope, however, is that
we will love, serve, thank, and praise God together whether or not God
chose to provide us with the apologetic evidence we crave, and whether
or not we can agree on how God chose to bring the Bible and all of
creation into being. Near its birth, Christianity seemed foolish (or
worse) to both Greeks and Jews. But the love of God revealed in the
life, death, and resurrection of Christ still compels us.

Thanks, Glenn and Ted and many others, for your faithful work in the


Chuck Austerberry

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