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> Dave Siemens writes
> Just heard Denis Lamoureux, whose take on TE I like. He notes that the
> noun is the most important element in a label, so TE puts the emphasis on
> evolution rather than on the Creator and Sustainer. He prefers
> evolutionary creationism. In a different context, I have suggested
> "creation by secondary causes" as applying to all but the original
> /creatio ex nihilo/, which produced the basis for secondary causation.
> I have made the same point as well. But I also have a problem
> with "evolutionary creationism" because it mixes a scientific
> term and a theological term. So I'm still looking for a label...
> Bill Hamilton
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Hi Bill,

I always liked Howard J. Van Till's “Fully-gifted Creation Perspective"
Where God at the beginning equipped the creation with all of the functional
capabilities that would be needed to actualize the full variety of
structures and forms through the course of time.

Stephen J. Krogh, P.G
The PanTerra Group
environmental consultants and scientists
Dallas, Texas

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