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From: Bill Hamilton <>
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 22:08:41 EST

Keith has made some great points. Our human impulse is to engage people in arguments and try to win them over by our logic. (And I am as guilty of this as anyone) Think back, though, to when you first made a commitment to Jesus Christ. Did He argue you into submission? In my case He simply presented Himself to me -- through contacts with Christians primarily, not insisting that I immediately surrender, but simply making Himself known to me. As if He were saying, "I'm not forcing you, but I'm not going away." A former pastor of our church said that the best thing you can do for an unbeliever is to pray for him. And after you've done that, you present Christ in a loving way -- both by what you say and what you do for him/her. I've had interesting discussions with both Will Provine and Phil Johnson. Both have gotten my goat on occasion, but reacting in anger would not have solved anything -- would have damaged a relationship.
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I had replied to Glenn's query earlier, but the e-mail got lost. So
I will try again, but probably will not say what I wanted as well.

Firstly, I do not see the e-mail medium as an effective context in
which to engage in substantive debates. In fact, public debates in
any context are rarely useful. The depth of issues and positions are
rarely explored, and participants are more interested in making
points than in listening and forthrightly addressing the issues at
stake. So, I avoid engaging in such debates.

I have however, engaged non-theists in many contexts, with colleagues
and others both personally and in public. I have presented my
personal theological views at several geological society meetings and
as an invited speaker at colleges, universities and professional
meetings. I have had some great opportunities to discuss my faith in
response to professional talks I have given. In fact, very often the
questions that people ask are theological, not scientific in nature.
It is in these interactions where real conversation, and honest
discussion of the issues, can occur. Big public debates are simply
not how I see that God has called me.

I try as much as possible to be the same person and make the same
points whether I am speaking to Christians or non-theists. I hope
that I can be honest and forthright in these interactions and deal
with non-theists with respect and integrity.

I do not much care what some other people (whether Provine or
Johnson) think of me. What I hope I care most about is what God
thinks of me. For that, only I am responsible.

In Christ,


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