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From: John Hewlett <>
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 16:41:47 EST

Well first of all I would like to mention Glenn, that I had no idea you were dealing with cancer at this time. Or that your brother passed from Brain cancer <--- brain cancer and cancer in general strikes a raw place in my heart, I dated a girl who had it as a child, and it changed my life. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers glenn as you battle this thing. I had another friend over at the house the other day, he was embarrassed because we could all see his craniotomy scar, and I wish I had said Gordon, don't be ashamed, its not an embarassment, its a battle scar.

Glen I don't know if you have read the book by Jerome Groopman, the Recanti proffessor of oncology at Beth Isreal Deaconess Hospital in Boston, "The Anatomy of Hope", but its a good book mostly about cancer patients. Its not a self-help book like you could imagine, its very scientific as to how genuine hope has caused many cancer patients to rid themselves of disease, because keeping the vegas nerve stimulated and thus increasing immune response with it due to neurotransmitter interactions with the nerve and the immune cells. Fascinating book.

Now about Apophis - I hope I won't be attacked to terribly with this response. I have been accused by my friends has being really pesimistic at times, however with this I may side with optimism. I tend to view the world progressively. My biological interest is in neuroscience, and I am extremely reverent to the human brain, and brains in general. I was just commenting to a friend the other day about global warming and God, and I said, if you walk to the edge of a building and dive off, don't count on God to save you from your self. And I tied this with global warming by saying that He endowed us evolutionarly with this wonderfully complex brain, it is powerful enough to destroy the world (since the industrial revolution) but I also said that fortunantly its probably also powerful enough to save it. And hopefully that may be the case with this asteroid impact in 2036. I think scientist have made it apparent that impacts are likely and that we need to ramp up our efforts to ta!
 ke actions to thwart these events from occuring, and far from the armageddon movie style I feel that there is a likely hood that something can be done about these near earth objects. No onese faith should be threatened in my view. No one I have met disccounts God because there is a crater in the Arizona desert near Winslow... Impacts have occured in the past with out people losing their faith, now is just a different era of time, but fortunantly we may have the neurological prowess to avoid catastrophe...

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> Did you heard about this story?
> > If the asteroid Apophis hits Earth in 2036, it could slam into
> > the Pacific Ocean, generating a tsunami that could devastate the
> > west coast of North America
> Since I heard this story, I cannot find a satisfying theological
> answer to this eventual disaster. I think that many people will
> throw this catastrophe against the belief in God. How to deal with
> those people? I still asking to myself this question...
> Blessings,
> Johan
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