Re: [asa] Asteroid Apophis

From: Jim Armstrong <>
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 15:42:43 EST

My take (FWIW) is that "natural evil" is a necessary consequence (or if
you will, byproduct) of the mechanism put in place with the potential
for bringing about what we are. The "evil" label is ours, and is a
reaction to things that we would prefer not to happen from our
distinctive (and understandable) anthropocentric perspective.

But, I would suggest that a meteor impact could be quite different from
a tornado, earthquake, tsunami, or volcano in that it could possibly
erase much of the higher tier of life as we know it. I don't know if
this is a liklihood with Apophis or not. Worst case though, for a
sufficiently large asteroid, is the obliteration of it all, save perhaps
for the "starting materials". That would indeed be evil from our
perspective, but who can really say, in a life-inclined universe that
has the potential for the unfolding of life elsewhere, whether this has
any negative nuance at all from the Creator's viewpoint. But I also
wonder if the Creator might nonetheless experience something akin to
sadness with its passing. Just thinking out loud here. JimA

Johan Jammart wrote:

> Thank to everybody for your answers. Yes a meteor impact would be not
> different than a tornado, an earthquake, a tsunami or a volcano
> eruption. I would call it natural evil. I also don't believe that
> natural evil are result of the Fall. But I believe that the physical
> world is redeem by the death of Jesus on the Cross and my hope is the
> New Heaven and Earth. Probably that something is missing in my
> world-view: How explain natural evil? Yes it is a big question and
> there is no easy answer...
> Any thought on this would be welcome!
> Blessings,
> Johan
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