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From: Iain Strachan <>
Date: Sun Feb 25 2007 - 15:30:54 EST


I often debate creationists, because your website and your own personal
testimony and near loss of faith had a powerful effect on me, and made me
realise how potentially faith threatening the creationist position can be.
I often tell them of you and your experiences, and point them at your
website. Like David, I am concerned that people will lose their faith. A
creationist Baptist pastor recently told me "If I believed, like you do,
that the earth was billions of years old, I'd have to leave the faith and
become an atheist". That makes me very sad.

A number of people at my work are outspoken atheists of the scoffing variety
& it's difficult to find a position to take. I think my boss, who is an
atheist, respects that I'm a Christian and that I accept evolution. But he
was full of glee when the ID crowd lost the Dover trial & that makes it
quite awkward.


On 2/24/07, Glenn Morton <> wrote:
> I won't be here long, but this is the best place to get a question
> answered.
> Many of you know that over the past 10 years, I have struggled with
> whether
> or not to become an atheist. I now am totally past that point having come
> out of the struggle with some really great arguments against atheism,
> which
> I have used on the internet successfully. But, in all this, I have
> thought
> about a YEC complaint against us TE's. And that is what my question is
> about.
> 1. Why is it that I so rarely see theistic evolutionists directly
> confronting atheists on the internet when they dis our religion?
> 2. Has anyone engaged in a direct internet debate on a forum against
> atheism
> or against an atheist? (if so, where is it?)
> 3. are we really, as my friend Wil Provine suggests, merely practical
> atheists? (a people whose religion makes no real difference to the
> intellectual climate of society?)
> 3a alternatively, are we merely the lapdogs of the atheists, who use us,
> as
> Phil Johnson suggests, but who don't respect us (I guess are we a one
> night
> stand for the atheists pleasure?)
> I will not debate, I am interested in the responses.
> glenn
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