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George, I always learn much from your posts. My statement "The fundamental
problem is how do you fit Jesus the Christ in the history of life on Earth?"
is the first question that arises in the mind of a Christian when hearing of
the evolution of humans. However, your comment that "it's better to fit the
history of life on earth into our understanding of Jesus Christ" seems to be
the attitude of a Christian who wants to integrate the evolutionary history
of man into his Christian faith. I have genuine doubts that such an attempt
is possible. Isn't the mystery of what man is entangled with the
incarnation of God Himself as man?

[It's hard to see why you should doubt that the _attempt_ is possible in
view of the fact that such attempts have been made by a number of people.
I'll just mention my book _The Cosmos in the Light of the Cross_ and my
recent PSCF article "Roads to Paradise and Perdition_. Whether or not those
attempts are theologically &/or scientifically adequate can of course be
debated but they're there. I'm happy to hear any critcisms you may have of
them - they are parts of a research program rather than a definitive summa -
but just general claims that such an effort isn't possible aren't very


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