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George wrote

"Theistic evolution" is indeed a problematic term for several reasons but
we're not going to get rid of it. Once a term gets established it's very
hard to change even if it's less than ideal - e.g., "Big Bang." I don't
share Bill's objection to mixing a theological & scientific term because
what we're trying to do is speak of a scientific idea in a theological

Bill responds: Your point about discussing scientific ideas in a theological
context is a good one. Still, something vaguely grates when I hear
"evolutionary creation". One thing that grates is that from the creationist
viewpoint "evolutionary creation" is a contradiction. While I don't have to
adopt creationist sensibilities, I (optimist that I am) would like to be in
a position to reach out to creationists. Another objection, and this one is
more significant from my POV, is that I don't see evolution as a means of
creation. I regard creation as being the process of making something new.
Evolution is development, not creation. Just call me an evolution-accepting
Christian. (but I'm still searching for something that is descriptive and
less awkward)

I don't think "evolutionary creation" or "evolutionary creationist are ideal
terms either. However -

a) Reaching out to Christians who reject evolution is fine but we can't get
far in any serious discussion if we aren't up front about accepting

b) Creation is not just origination. The doctrine of creation includes
God's everyday action in the world - see, e.g., the explanations of the
First Article in Luther's or the Heidelberg Catechisms.


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